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Subscriptions are automatically renewed on a monthly basis and are handled through Wordpress and PayPal. To subscribe, click here, register your account and choose which plan you want.

The cheapest plan is $2 US per moth, which will grant access to all wallpapers. For $5 per month or more you can become a full supporter with access to short-stories as well as wallpapers. All the subscription plans of $5 and higher are identical in terms of the content you receive, the different plans exist solely to allow you to give as much or as little as you think appropriate.

If you wish to avoid automatic renewals or if you just like to pay-and-forget, you're welcome to make a single donation to cover one year's membership as a supporter with access to the same content as a full-paying monthly subscriber.

To become a one-year member, simply use the button below to make a donation of $60 or more and tell me which username and password you want. If you already have a username for the supporter's club, let me know.

Once I receive your donation I'll setup your membership and let you know. Since I'll be doing this manually instead of through an automated service, it may take me a day or so to respond, but I will do so as quickly as possible.


Is Crimson Dark no longer free?

The webcomic itself is still free to read online, and will always remain so.


How much does it cost?

There are two memberships available: Normal and basic.


  • Basic membership costs only $2 per month, but will only allow access to wallpapers. Short stories and other bonus content will not be accessible.
  • Normal membership covers all content and begins at $5 per month. You have the option of paying more, depending on your ability and generosity, but paying more will not yield extra features.


Why a club?

One-off donations and advertising revenue is always welcome, but unpredictable. One month may be quite profitible, another may not even bring in enough to pay for web hosting. If I'm to achieve my goal of making Crimson Dark a sustainabl full-time job, then I need an income I can rely upon so I can commit myself fully to its production. Monthly subscriptions will hopefully give me the security I need for such a committment.


Once monthly subscriptions reach a point where I'm satisfied I'll be able to live solely off Crimson Dark, I'll make the production of the webcomic a 9-5 full-time job and increase the update schedule to thrice-weekly (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).


What benefits do supporters get?

Supporters get access to the club page which will be updated regularly with exclusive bonus material. To begin with this will mean, at the very least, a couple of new wallpapers and a new short story every single month. You can expect others bonuses as well as the opportunity arises.


Are the short-stories part of the Crimson Dark story?

Most of the short stories will be set in the Crimson Dark universe and may focus on major or minor characters from the webcomic, but won't be required reading if you just want to be able to follow the main story. For the most part, the stories will explore the backstories of characters as well as expanding the universe beyond the confines of the comic and revealing some untold history.


As time passes I may choose to branch out and write the occasional stand-alone story unrelated to Crimson Dark, but that would be the exception rather than the rule.


What will the money be used for?

Everything. Rent, bills, food, maintaining the website, perhaps even buying the occasional game to help me relax in my spare time. The goal is live off this income.


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Support Crimson Dark

As with most webcomic creators, Crimson Dark is my love and my passion. But that doesn't mean that it's easy, nor is it always fun. It's hard, tiring work, and if I was doing it alone I would have given up many months ago. However your support keeps me going during the hard times, and will ensure that we'll all be able to enjoy the adventures of the crew of Niobe for some time to come. There are many ways to support Crimson Dark, and readers keep on surprising me with new and creative ideas, but this page is designed to offer a few humble suggestions if you don't know where to start.


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Maybe you still want to contribute financially, but don't have anything to advertise. In this case you can just donate via PayPal. your contribution will go towards covering the cost of hosting and maintaining this website, as well as purchasing new software and hardware to aid in the comic's production. To donate, please click the button below:

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E-Mail me
I thrive on feedback, so it would mean a lot to me if .

Constructive criticism is welcome, but if you are offering criticism please take a moment to double-check your motives for doing so: Are you trying to be helpful, or just trying to make yourself feel clever? I recently received an e-mail from one reader who, after saying that he enjoed the comic, went on to say that it is full of cliches and lacking originality. He signed off by saying "Keep up the good work, and stop whining about your health." Seriously, that's the kind of e-mail which discourages me from "keeping up the good work", don't be that guy.

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Every new reader brings me joy! To this end, I’ve put together a number of banners which you can use to link to this website. Put them up on your links page, mention the comic in your blog, e-mail your friends or think of some unique way to spread the word. Some people have actually put banners with links to Crimson Dark in their sigs when posting on various forums, meaning that every time they make a post, they're plugging the comic. How cool is that?

I don't really pay much attention to my standing in various webcomic lists, but they do bring in new readers on a regular basis. So please click on the two vote buttons on this left side of the page on a regular basis (ideally once per day).

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