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Prologue: In the Night

The R.S.S. Danzig is ambushed by the Cirin Alliance, and Commander Kari Tyrell finds herself fighting for her life.


Chapter 1: Niobe

Rescued from certain death by the crew of 'Niobe', Kari struggles to come to terms with her sudden misfortune. But someone else has snuck aboard the privateer, endangering everyone's lives.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Post Mortem

The crew of Niobe visit Espenson Station, and we learn what really happened to Kari at the Battle of White-rim.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Counterpoint

As repairs to Niobe continue, everyone takes some time out, and an inbound freighter creates problems for Sarah.

Chapter 4: Trial Run

The crew of Niobe discover an unmarked freighter in contested territory.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Points of View

Consequences and revelations at Golgotha.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Damage

Niobe takes refuge in the Katsulas Expanse.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Personal

The crew reflect on Vaegyr's announcement, and Niobe has an unexpected guest.

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: The King's Men

Niobe approaches Jade Station as Vaegyr continues the search for his sister.

Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Tribunal

Vaegyr faces judgement.

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Old Friends

The Niobids find themselves dealing with old friends... and old foes.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11: Better Lives

Trapped with no hope of rescue, the Niobids fight for their lives.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Home

The Niobids go to war.

Chapter 12

Epilogue: At Dawn

Time to take stock and contemplate the future.


One-shot: What Dreams May Come

Kari takes some rookies on a live-fire exercise.

Chapter 15: Time Out

Kari and Ren are tasked with meeting the Niobids in deep space.



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