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Post by skythorn » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:35 pm

Tron Legacy 3D

Two very different movies, I recall the first from my childhood, I saw the most recent 2 days ago. I think the 1982 version was somehow better, but IMDB says 6.7 stars vs 7.4 for the 2010 version. I guess my age makes things different.

Worst point : I thought the scene of Sam Flynn, post capture, with the 4x girls walking towards and backward as he was prepared for the gladiator scene, was awkward, graceless, beautiful and graceful at the same time. Those heels that the ladies were wearing looked awesomely cumbersome - like pony's walking forward and stumbling backwards.

Second worst point : that bar scene - urgh, ugh! erk! such a stupid man with a Perspex walking stick. Why was he even in the plot?

Best point : The Architecture of the ships and buildings - especially the independent place that Mr Flynn lived in facing the spire.

Second best point : The visualisation of the ships Awesome, inspiring and glorious.


Cute Girl : whoa ... very stylised ...


Is she beautiful, or is she just 'futuristic' and striking. I think the latter.

Other than that, the number of plotholes that remained were fascinating ... do we have a spoiler option for text there are for other web forums here? I see all kinds of places where Tron 3 and 4 could arise. Should I mention them or ... is that spoilerish ...


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Post by NefariousDrO » Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:29 am

I found myself captivated at first by the elegance of the style, but over time as the movie progressed I ended up missing the more overtly "geeky" esthetic of the original. I got home and pulled out my DVD and re-watched it. I'm even more convinced that the original is a much better movie. Sure it's dated, and the dialoge is very stilted and awkward in both. And I'll concede that when the son finally meets Flynn it's supposed to be awkward and stilted. But I'll take the esthetic of the original over this sequel any day. You're right that the ships look cool, and the buildings look cool, but the character designs leave me cold. The "big reveal" moment was so telegraphed that by the time it finally happend the audience was saying "duh!" repeatedly. I'll keep watching the original, and maybe borrow the ships and buildings from the sequel from time to time, but that's about it.

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