Chapter 11 : Page 23 - a "favourable outcome"

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Chapter 11 : Page 23 - a "favourable outcome"

Post by skythorn » Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:32 pm

Art : Awesome blood pool as seen from above. My inner gore monger is satisfied.
Plot : Nice exposition on the placement of Shade and Marcus on the personal guard being placed into Mensk's inner sanctum. "favourable outcome" - I cant see that phrase meaning anything other than 'i'd prefer the least troublesome one be removed' which is the niobids.
Question: Are the other members of that ship members of Mensk's crew? Loyal crew? I wonder if they will be cut adrift, or left to feel dissatisfied at being dropped off at that station. Hmm - one is drunk, 2 were arested for brawling and 4 are on watch up the corridor. that's 4 Menskians vs 5 niobids (with 2 x Sapphians on the side)
Snicker-point Pop Reference: use of term Resume : watched boss get shot at blaster-point, not a good section to include.
Futurecast : Shade is now pointing wrist blaster at our Vice captain - is she a threat or is Shade being watchful. Where to now. Enter ship and fly off? Hold ship and interrogate

Comment : still LOVE last three panels of Chapter 11: Page 06.

Tempest8008 wrote: To be perfectly honest, I'm more interested in seeing how Vaegyr is going to handle Larissa murdering someone in cold blood.
yes,this is a very interesting point - but I think Vaegyr will accept that war makes deaths a better alternative to fighting and other collateral damage. I think the call by an angry woman like Larissa to shoot their hunter in the back of the head is quite quite fair.
Tempest8008 wrote: <snip>
EDIT: Having just read the strip again though, I have to concur. I think we're going to see Larissa killed next. Or at least shot in order to make it look good.
I hope not - I hope they ask for a lift back to a station where they can get in touch with Sapphira, and drag Mensk's corpse into the corvette and Whisper does a memory dump on his memory archives ... there should be some interesting cool things in his cranial root directory (the bits not splattered over the blast door that is)
Mainman wrote:While a bit unexpected, Larissa's decision to dispatch Mengsk seems to me like the most immediately sensible one. Our heroes' future relationship with the Syndicate will be interesting to see, but I think sooner or later Mengsk would have had to be killed if the Wards wanted to continue living.

One thing for David: I'm just hoping that Shade's personality doesn't turn out too much like Whisper's. She seems a little more conventional in language, but some of her quips (and your 31.578etc note) suggest a 'Whisperish' attitude. Sara and Whisper, for all their similarities, have wonderfully different characters. I just hope the same ends up being true of Shade. Besides, it seems to me like there's only space in the story for one character as unique as Whisper.
Those of the syndicate that are irked by the loss of Mensk may drop it's public plan to hunt down the Niobids, and just settle it for a 'kill on sight' command and bounty, and hope that Sapphira does not get angry at the Niobids being continually persecuted.

Whisper is not Shade - Shade is more of a military character, and exposits clearly, not obliquely like Whisper. They may have a similar voice because the voice is all David. Kari is not Larissa is not Whisper is not Shade is not Sapphira, but there is clearly going to be overlap. I just hope that Marcus is not like Hal. Hal is such an original grumpy bum!

Go Grumpy Hal!

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