Fontana Station

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Fontana Station

Post by Hypothetical » Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:07 pm

First, deep bow for the homage to D.C. Fontana. I show my age by admitting that I know who she is without having to use Google...

Second, I think the station projects exactly the image you were going for. Not only does it look cheap, Modular, and quick to build, but it also states quite clearly that it is a station with a purpose.

Just look at the docking ring and how it is attached. Anyone, who has ever thought about designing a space station ( GUILTY!) can see that that design would be extremely easy for traffic control to work with. The inner most area would obviously be held out for ships moving cargo to the station itself, while the outer part would be left open for ships transferring cargo/passengers among themselves.

Naturally, the easy to secure outboard spar would be reserved for purely military vessels.

The blocky area just inboard of the docking ring would be the only area where non-escorted civilians would be allowed, and would act as kind of a frontier trading post. Everything past the point where the military spar meets the station would be restricted, at the very least.

My big question, based on that design is, can the central area, around the command area, forward of the communication array and above what should be the fuel reserves, be forcibly separated from the rest of the structure and act as an evacuation starship, capable of FTL, if only just barely, to get the crew out of harms way in case of battle?
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