Regarding Sci Fi Poodles

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Regarding Sci Fi Poodles

Post by Ewic » Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:01 am


If you hadn't already been influenced by Frank Zappa, I thought you might be honored to be in the
same pantheon as a musical genius (or an extreme musical nerd) who also had a penchant for poodles as
an element of humor in sci fi.

Below is an excerpt from "Cheepnis", a song extolling the virtues of sci fi B-movies. The very fine live version
appears on the Roxy And Elsewhere album.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The monster,
Which the peasants in this area call Frunobulax
(apparently a very large poodle dog)
Has just been seen approaching the power plant
Bullets cant stop it
Rockets cant stop it!
We may have to use nuclear force!!!
Here comes that poodle dog!
Big as a blimp with a rhinestone collar
Snappin off the trees
Like they was bonsaId ornaments on a
Dry-wobble landscape
Keep it away! dont let the poodle bite me!
We cant let it reproduce! oh!
Somebody get out the pants!
The national guard has formed up at the base
Of the mountain
And is attempting to lure the enormous poodle
Towards the cave
Where they hope to destroy it with napalm
A thousand of the troopers are now lined up
And are calling to the monster...
Here fido
Here fido
Here fido... ... is_JvI.htm

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Re: Regarding Sci Fi Poodles

Post by AaronLee » Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:53 am

So that's where all that Frunobulax rot from Wierd Worlds came from!

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