Crimson Dark

"Tempest" class Battleship

Tempest Galante Shipyards
Comissioned by the Republic of Daranir

Length: 608.6 m
Beam: 136.4m
Height: 353.1m

Ship's Company: 320 (Officers & Enlisted)
Flight Wing: 30 (Pilots & Support)

8x Triple Heracles 85L Guns
4x Nestor 30L Guns
4x Twin Point-Defense Turrets
10x Torpedo Tubes
1x Heavy Lance

Fighter Craft:
4x Cr-9 "Scimitar" Fighters

First appearance: Page 02.00

Increasingly concerned (some would say 'paranoid') by the heightened militarization of the Cirin Alliance during the mid 27th century, the Republic of Daranir decided it was time to commission their own grand-scale warships. The first step was to build an effective Carrier, and the "Castellan" was born, and the second was to create a battleship capable of going toe-to-toe with the best of them - this gave birth to the "Tempest". The construction process was delayed several times due to design flaws and budget issues, but the first battle-ready Tempests entered service just a matter of weeks after the official deceleration of war between the two neighbouring governments.

The Tempest is the most powerful warship in the Republic fleet, and a fair match for any ship fielded by the UTC or the Alliance (though still a featherweight compared to the Souri behemoths). Bristling with guns, torpedo bays and armed with a massive energy lance, the Tempest's main weakness is it's poor acceleration and limited maneuverability.

Action Shots:

Tempest Action
A Tempest engaged in close-quarters combat at the Battle of Whiterim.


Tempest Derelict
Though Tempests are formiddable warships, they are not invulnerable.