Crimson Dark

"Taratane" class Frigate


Marethi Shipyards
Comissioned by the Republic of Daranir

Length: 276.8 m
Beam: ?m
Height: ?m

Ship's Company: 78 (Officers & Enlisted)
Flight Wing: 6 (Pilots & Support)

2x Nestor 30L Guns
4x Twin Point-Defense Turrets
2x Missle Launchers

Fighter Craft:
2x Cr-9 "Scimitar" Fighters

First appearance: Page 00.00

In terms of firepower, the Taratane is underpowered for a frigate. The inclusion of two fighters and four point-defense guns make it an effective buffer against enemy fighters in a large-scale battle, however the ship's main functions are reconnaissance and mobile operations. Fast and versatile, the Taratane is often sent alone into enemy territory to carry out specialised missions.


Although an invaluable ship under the right circumstances, the Taratane is typically a subject of derision within the RASF, nicknamed "The Fly-swatter".