Crimson Dark

"Gerushda" class Destroyer

Viyath Shipyards
Modified Commercial Freighter

Length: 397.6 m
Beam: ?m
Height: ?m

Ship's Company: 220 (Officers & Enlisted)

3x Triple Heracles 85L Guns
2x Bias 50L Guns
2x Nestor 30L Guns
4x Twin Point-Defense Turrets
4x Torpedo Tubes
1x Heavy Lance

First appearance: Page 00.14

The Gerushda carries significant firepower for a ship of its size and has earned a reputation as a 'Cap-Killer' for its remarkably high kill ratio against other capital ships. In a recent Intelligence briefing for the R.A.S.F, Vice-Admiral Hersey descrbied these ships as "ugly brutes, but deadly ones".

Action Shots:

A Gerushda fires its heavy lance.