Crimson Dark

Der-5 "Cobra" class Bomber

Cobra Rendrath Shipyards
Modified Commercial Design

Length: 38.6 m
Beam: ?m
Height: ?m

Crew: 2 (pilot & bombadier/gunner)

2x 16L Guns
1x Twin 12L Turret
4x I.R. Missiles
12x Inertial Bombs

First appearance: Page 01.20

The Cobra is a modified version of a commercial design, the "Taipan" class missile-ship. The Cobra's primary feature is it's integration of a bay for inertial bombs, which can be released without guidance or propulsion and are very difficult to detect in the midst of a firefight. Depending on the relative speed of the target, interial bombs have effectively unlimited range, allowing the Cobra to stay out of Point-Defense range.

Action Shots:

Cobra Action
Aft view of a Cobra, escorted by Kestrel Fighters