Crimson Dark


First Steps

2093 A.D.

The International Space Exploration Agency (I.S.E.A.) is established.



The Martian Colony is established.



The first mining base in the Asteroid Belt is established on Ceres. Other bases follow quickly as countless new sources of minerals and wealth are discovered.



The first successful test of FTL travel leads to new optimism about interstellar travel and colonisation.



Increasing tensions in the Belt finally escalate to bloodshed as competing mining companies start ramming each other's ships. Some captains start equipping their ships with crude weapons.



The Belt Conflict is now regarded by many on Earth as a full-scale war, with hundreds of lives being lost. The I.S.E.A. starts comissioning "Patrol" ships, equipped ith missiles, to enforce the peace.



FTL travel is finally certified as "Safe for human travel", and the I.S.E.A. announces a "new era of hope for humanity, as we finally embrace our destiny among the stars". Surveyors start searching nearby systems for planets suitable for colonisation.


Early Interstellar Colonisation


Tau Ceti colony established. The I.S.E.A. is reformed into the "Earth Alliance" as a governing body over all colonies.


2180 ff

Further colonies are established in other nearby systems, including Epsilon Eridani and Wolf-359.


The Exodous

2230s ff

Tau Ceti, now a successful and prosporous world, starts being referred to as "New Eden". With terraforming technology finally proving effective, dozens of new worlds across a wide variety of systems become viable options for expansion. Millions start to flee the over-polluted, over-crowded Earth in favour of a "Fresh Start on a pristine world".



With the majority of mankind now living on planets other than Earth, the E.A. begins the process of handing exploration and colonisation over to commercial interests so it can focus on government.



With Earth's population dropping significantly each year, a massive global recession begins. Petty wars start erupting all over the world, further increasing the rate of exodous. People start to think of Earth as lesson to be learned from, a mistake not to be repeated.


The War of Independence


Famine and escalating unemployment on the distant colony of Lollen-Gunya lead to riots and bloodshed. The EA sends troops in to maintain order, but the situation escalates into a armed conflict between the colonists and the troops. The EA sends additional troops and declares martial law. Many colonies decry the EA's actions as an illegal invasion which has only made a difficult situation worse.



With martial law still in effect and thousands dying every day, Lollen-Gunya has become a warzone. An alliance of colonies calling themselves the "Freedom Initiative" declare that the EA must withdraw its troops from Lollen-Gunya so that reconstruction can begin. Secretly, the Initiative start supplying the Gunyan Insurgency with weaponary.



A senior EA diplomat is killed by an explosion while visiting Lollen-Gunya, and the chemicals used in the explosion are traced back to the colony of Cythera, a member of the Initiative. Declaring the Initiative an illegal organisation, the EA demands a change in leadership for all colonies involved and states its preparedness to send in troops to oversee such changes. This move is met with open defiance from the Initiative, and many new colonies join their cause, saying that the EA has no right to intefere in the democratic processes of these worlds. The EA itself is divided as several core worlds demand that troops be withdrawn from the border worlds.


Refusing to "negotiate with terrorists", the EA sends troops and warships to Cythera, one of the largest colonies in the sector. The EA fleet is met by one composed of vessels from the colonies, and a standoff occurs. Both sides claim that the other fired the first shot, but either way the standoff quickly turned into a bloody battle. The Colonist Fleet is defeated and scattered, and the weakened EA fleet moves in and occupies Cythera. The EA declares that the same fate awaits any colony which defies the EA and provides support of any kind to the insurgants.


The Freedom Initiative becomes the "League for Independance", and pressure is placed on the EA to grant independance to any colony which wants it. Their first priority is the liberation of Cythera and Lollen-Gunya.



More and more colonies join the call for Independance, but the EA refuses to budge. An increase in militarisation on both sides leads to talk of war.



With bloody skirmishes becoming increasingly common, and the question of Independance on everyone's lips, impatience with the EA's apparent stagnation grows. Finally an ultimatum is delivered to the EA by the League for Independance: "Leave Cythera, or lose it."


The League assembles a massive fleet and launches an attack on EA forces at Cythera. The cost is high, but the attack is successful and the new provisional government delcares itself the first of many worlds to be liberated from Earth's oppression. In a speech made the day after the assault, Governor Cirin of Cythera states:


"When we first started to walk among the stars, we were just children. We had hopes, we had dreams, but Earth was still our home. Now, however, we are no longer children. We have made the stars our homes, with have built communities and created new ways of life. We are many generations removed from that tired, old world, and if that anicent relic is the face of our past, then I say it is time to look to the future. It is time to throw aside the old ways and embrace the new. If you dare to hope for freedom, if you dare to dream of exploring new and wonderful ideas, then join us! It is time to change the galaxy!"


Many worlds join the League, and war sweeps across the known galaxy.



General Cirin is murdered by assassins and becomes a martyr to the cause.



Millions have died in the War for Independance, but the League now clearly have the upper hand. With the war set to spill into the Tau Ceti and Sol systems, the EA finally states that it is willing to negotiate.


After months of discussion between representatives of all colonies, it is agreed that any colony which wants independance will be granted it. However in light of the widespread damage from the war, it is agreed that a central government will be needed to oversee reparations and aid. The Earth Alliance is dissolved, in favour of the new United Terran Coalition, with Tau Ceti as its capitol. The Coalition is composed of several member worlds which come to be known as the first State. Other colonies are given the option of joining the coalition as States or Protectorates (depending on population), as part of the reconstruction process.


One such protectorate is the Republic of Daranir, a collection of worlds which remained neutral during the war for Independance and managed to survive relatively unscathed. Another is their neighbour, the Cirin Alliance - composed largely of worlds which made up the original League with Cythera as the capitol, and which aim to honour Cirin's vision and sacrifice.


Several groups of worlds refuse to become part of the Coalition, and pursue isolationist policies. Most significantly, the newly-formed Sourishi Collective.


Reparations and Consequences


The Cirin/Darani War begins