Crimson Dark



Common abbreviation for "Augmentations"


Any Cybernetic device designed to modify, enhance or replace any function of the human body.


A person who has extensive, visible augmentations to most of their body. Derogatory.


Any signal broadcast over a large area of space, without a specific target.


Fighter-mounted missiles capable of delivering significant damage to the vulnerable sections of a capital ship.

Containment Field

An invisible barrier which uses gravitic manipulation to restrict movement through a particular zone based on momentum (mass and velocity).


The title for a Controller, used exclusively while connected to the mainframe (while their real name is used exlusively when they are not plugged in).


Heavily augmented individuals who are plugged into the mainframes on military ships or stations, overseeing all operations.

Full Burn

Maximum thrust, where a ship is accelerating as fast as physically possible given the limitations of its thrusters.


"Faster Than Light".

Hard Turn

When a fighter uses a combination of one primary thruster and one braking thruster to turn, instead of using maneuvering thrusters.

Inter-Stellar Jump

Any FTL jump which takes a ship from one solar system to another.


Any human whose brain has been replaced by an AI. Highly illegal, they have historically been used as assasins and saboteurs where discovery or capture is unavoidable.


Any sudden maneuver designed to evade incoming fire, or to shake a tailing enemy fighter.

Jump Drive

Technology used for FTL travel.


Military term for "Kilometres"


Any weapon which projects a focused beam of energy. Normally referred to as a "Heavy Lance" if attached to a starship.

Loems (L)

Unit of measurment, indicating a weapon's armour-piercing potential at point-blank range.


Magnetic-Clamps, typically used to join two hardpoints on ships or stations. Most commonly used for docking.


Communications transmitted using a very narrow beam, such as a LASER, for imperceptible communcation between two ships.


An external marking on a starship indicating its name and allegiance (where appropriate).

Point Defense

Weapon systems designed to protect a specific target from incoming missiles or fighters.


The "Republic Armed Space Forces"

Republic Marine

Heavily augmented humans who are the Elite fighting units of the Republic of Daranir.

Scanning Field

A field, normally shaped as a plane, designed to detect certain materials. Commonly used for customs and security checkpoints.


Any part of a starship used to maintain the ship's cohesion during FTL travel.

Sub-Stellar Jump

Any FTL jump which takes a ship from one point in a solar system to another point within the same system.


Slow moving, self-propelled missile with a massive yield, capable of disabling or destroying most capital ships with a single hit.


"Universal Docking System".


The United Terran Coalition.


Noun: a comm-signal meant to inititate conversation. Verb: to send such a signal.


Based on the metaphor of a mainframe computer being a tapestry, a "weave" refers to the computers general security encryption system. To "Find a weave" means "to hack the system".