Crimson Dark

Main Characters


Kari Tyrell

Kari is an ace fighter-pilot, legendary throughout the Republic for turning the tide at the Battle of Whiterim. Only twenty-three years old, she is the youngest pilot ever to achieve the rank of Commander. Kari's assignment on the Republic frigate Danzig ended when the frigate was destroyed by an Alliance ambush. Kari was rescued from certain death by the crew of Niobe and has now joined them.

First appearance: Page 00.01


Vaegyr Ward

Vaegyr is the captain of Niobe. Having run away from both his family and his homeworld as a teenager, he spent several years jumping from one ship to another, doing whatever jobs were available and learning much along the way. How he came to be the sole owner of Niobe is a mystery, but he always grins slyly when the question is raised.

First appearance: Page 01.01


Daniel Qian

Twenty-five years old, Daniel joined Niobe as ship’s medic after leaving a lucrative practice on the Republic world of Gaidana. An evangelical Christian, he has a reputation for being something of a ‘Bible basher’. He does not seem to mind the characterisation.

First appearance: Page 01.02


Larissa Ward

As well as being Niobe’s pilot, Larissa is also married to her captain, Vaegyr. Formerly trained by the R.A.S.F. to pilot corvette-class starships, Larissa has not revealed why she did not pursue a career in the military.

First appearance: Page 01.01



Whisper has never divulged her real name, or even admitted that she has one. Though playful and talkative, she never speaks about her life before Niobe. Her augmentations are extensive, covering most of her body, and she is Niobe’s expert on augmentation and cybernetics. No-one really knows what extra abilities her augmentations might grant her.

First appearance: Page 01.02


Hal Grisdale

Hal is an exceptionally talented engineer who seems to have had some formal military training in addition to his aborted engineering degree from Tau Ceti University. He boasts an ocular augmentation which gives advanced targeting and range-finding abilities. Hal is loved by all women, at least that’s how he reports it – actual evidence suggests otherwise.

First appearance: Page 01.01


Other Characters


Sarah (Control)

Sarah is the Controller for Espenson Station, and as such is normally referred to as "Control" when she is on duty. Once a crewmember aboard Niobe, she still keeps in touch with Vaegyr Ward whenever the opportunity arises.

First appearance: Page 02.02


Commodore Adelaide Pearson

Commodore Pearson is the commanding officer assigned to Espenson Station. Though nominally responsible for the station's military aspects, she is often called upon to adjudicate civilian matters as well. Pearson is quite prepared to bend the law given the right circumstances, but is fervantly loyal to the Republic.

First appearance: Page 02.26


Mr Creed

Mr Creed is Commodore Pearson's personal assistant, private seceratary and all-round point-man. He is a stickler for proper procedure and, though generally amiable, has a tendency to irritate those who don't conform to his standards.

First appearance: Page 02.27



Elected as Arbitrator of the Creer Syndicate by the seven families (in a vote split 4/3), Sapphira's main role is to stop the families from tearing each to pieces. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and has demonstrated a mixture of diplomacy and ruthlesness which has brought the families into line.

First appearance: Page 05.01



Antony is Sapphira's body-man, carrying our most of her wet-work. If Sapphira trusts anyone at all (which is widely doubted), then she trusts Antony. His augs allow him to discharge a lare, potentially fatal amount of energy into a person's body on contact.

First appearance: Page 05.02


Michael Vrae

Captain of the independant freighter Katherine's Glance, Vrae is primarily a free-trader, but is willing to take on supply contracts with the Cirin Military. Though not always the luckiest of individuals, he makes up for it by being sneaky and opportunistic.

First appearance: Page 04.16


Argurios Mensk

Argurios is the head of the Mensk family, one of the Seven Families which make up the Creer Syndicate. He has a reputation for being ruthless and sadistic, and is more feared than respected. Argurios passionately believes in the strength of familial blood, and swore vengeance on Vaegyr after the death of Abraham Mensk, Argurios' nephew.

First appearance: Page 05.24


Abraham Mensk

Captain of the Syndicate Marauder Harlequin, Mensk died when Vaegyr order that the Harlequin be destroyed.

First appearance: Page 04.23



Owner and proprietor of a shop named "Aug Works", Ring plies his trade on the Esplanade of Espenson Station. He specialises in cybernetic components for customers with advanced knowledge of their own augmentations.

First appearance: Page 03.07


Nicholas Fernandez

A Scimitar pilot for the R.A.S.F, Nick was assigned to the R.S. Danzig after graduating from flight academy. He died when his Scimitar was shot down during a dogfight in the Forlorn system.

First appearance: Page 00.03



Bob was the Controller aboard the R.S. Danzig. He is presumed dead, following the destruction of the Danzig in the Forlorn system.

First appearance: Page 00.04