A Field Guide to Thirea

By Volo Dremadi, Royal Explorer and Cartographer

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Full of strange creatures and ancient magics, the land of Thirea is as exciting as it is dangerous. Fortunately I, Volo Dremadi, have traveled widely across the land, witnessing many wonders and terrors alike. At no small risk to my own person, I have prepared this most accurate and reliable account for you, dear reader, that you might not meet the fate of my many less fortunate assistants.

The Drace

The average Uthlari will have heard tales of the monsters that roam Thirea - giant creatures, both wondrous and fearsome to behold. I can say that, for the most part, these stories are true. These creatures are informally known as ‘Dragonkin’, but I prefer to use the native Thirean word ‘Drace’.

Generally speaking, the Drace can be divided into four distinct groups - Drakes, Wyverns, Wyrms and, of course, Dragons. I shall describe each of these groups forthwith, including tips on how to survive an encounter with the more dangerous specimens.

Please explore the follow chapters at your leisure:


Winged creatures that prowl the skies.

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Ferocius serpents that lie in ambush.

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Largest and most feared of the Drace.

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