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Chapter 03: Page 09
Originally posted on:02/09/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 09

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Flash, bam, here I am!
This isn't our first sighting of a freighter of this class, if you look closely at the title page for Chapter 2 you'll see a couple parked near Espenson Station. I've added a lot of detail to the model for this page though.

I've put together a ten-minute video demonstrating how I put together a typical panel for Crimson Dark, it's in the forum.

I wish people would stop describing Crimson Dark as a "Poser Comic". Sure, Poser is one of the tools I use to make it happen, but I spend less time working in Poser than I spend in any other application. Most of my time is spent working in Photoshop and Cinema 4D.

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