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Chapter 27: Title Page
Originally posted on:06/08/2020
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Chapter 27: Title Page

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Thank you for your patience.

I want to take this opportunity to say that Black Lives Matter.

If you disagree with this statement, or want to respond with "don't All lives matter?", please take a moment to read this first, and understand why your argument is naïve at best:

"Black Lives Matter" does not mean "ONLY Black Lives Matter". It means "Black Lives ALSO Matter", and is a response to the fact that in societies largely controlled by white people (eg: Australia and America), Black lives do seem to matter less. Police brutality might be where this is most evident, as Black people are far more likely to suffer at the hands of police without any justification beyond "he's black so I'm scared of him", but is also evident in our laws, our governments, and our hiring practices.

This isn't just a "please don't be racist" campaign, it's a "people are suffering and dying and you should care" campaign.

I have seen the counter-argument "isn't it better to ignore colour and focus on treating all equally?" This is a noble ideal, but ignores the fact that racism is actually the default position of dominantly white societies. A simple example: Multiple studies have shown that white employers, when given the choice between two equally qualified applicants, are far more likely to hire a white employee than a black one.

Black people don't have the privilege of "not seeing colour". It haunts them constantly, in all aspects of life. We white folk are choosing which mask matches our outfit during the COVID-19 crisis, but Black people are choosing which one is least likely to get them shot when they walk into a bank.

Furthermore, there are people who genuinely believe that Black lives *don't* matter. They are a very vocal minority, but history has shown - from Tulsa 1921 to Nazi Germany - that a vocal minority of unrepentant racists can be deadly.

Such people use "All Lives Matter" not to promote equality, but to claim that white people are the real victims here, because "Black Lives Matter" means "White Lives don't". It's a straw man argument for some, meant to sew confusion, but others genuinely believe this blatantly absurd rubbish.

So when you say "All Lives Matter", you are, at best, completely misunderstanding the argument, and at worst you are actively promoting White supremacy. Expect resistance.

Oh, and for anyone who wants to argue that I shouldn't use my webcomic for political messages, I have three things to say:

1. You clearly haven't been paying attention.
2. All art is political. If you don't see the politics, then it's because you've misunderstood the art, or it reaffirms your existing world view.
3. "Black Lives Matter" *shouldn't* be a politically charged statement.

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