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Chapter 03: Page 08
Originally posted on:02/05/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 08

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It comes off...
Basically, when you look at Whisper, all the skin you can see is all the skin she's got. Harry wasn't that far off in the previous page when he said she was "thirty percent woman". I had a lot of fun designing the little mechanical protrusions coming out of Whisper's detached arm.

I quite like the lighting in this page, I think it's far more successful than the wideshots of the esplanade outside the store. But, of course, those wideshots took forever to render because I had so many different light-sources (some panels needed over 40 minutes render time just for the first pass), while this store has a total of four light sources allowing panels to be rendered in just a couple of minutes. The moral of the story is "convoluted doesn't mean better".

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