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Chapter 03: Page 03
Originally posted on:01/19/2007
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Chapter 03: Page 03

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72 hours to go
The closing date for entries to the Calendar Contest is this Monday, so you have the weekend to polish off your masterpieces and send them in for your chance at winning a free copy of "The Spacecraft of Crimson Dark". Entries must be sent before Monday's page goes online, and the winners shall be announced on Friday.

As you might have noticed, I've made some changes to the front-page. Most notably I've removed the Livejournal feed (if you want to read my blog, you can just go straight here) and put the latest page front and centre. This should make it easier for everyone to quickly see whether there's a new page or not (though using the RSS feed would make that even easier), and also hopefully encourage newcomers to be patient with the early art because it *does* get better.

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