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Sickness Sucks
Originally posted on:06/16/2019
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Sickness Sucks

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The TL;DR is in the image, but if you want to know more, here are the details:

I spent most of Chapter 23's "pocket episode" making some major behind-the-scenes changes to my workflow in preparation for Chapter 24. I had planned on making some tweaks/improvements to the script I use to automate the character rigging process, but eventually concluded that a complete overhaul was necessary, as every time I changed a line of code, a dozen others would break. I finally have a new working script, consisting of 2055 lines of Python, and the new character rig is vastly superior as a result.

Thanks to this work, I now have over a hundred automatic pose morph controls for my characters, meaning more realistic deformation of joints approximating the movement of muscles and bones. I also have more robust controllers for the character, including a completely revamped FK/IK rig that will making posing much more intuitive and should finally put and end to the old "noodle arm" problem.

Of course I still needed assets before I could start production on Chapter 24, and the workflow improvements had taken much longer than I intended. Unfortunately, just as I was getting back into the flow of things, I came down with a fairly severe case of Diverticulitis. It's not the first time I've had it, but it's lingering longer than usual (2 weeks and counting), and I'm pretty sure I've also been hit with a virus of some kind, further complicating matters.

My life is currently a cacophony of antibiotics, pain, fatigue, and blood tests, and I'm having a CT scan tomorrow to make sure things that aren't more serious than they appear (unlikely, but worth checking). For someone who already struggles with autism-induced depression and social anxiety, you might be able to imagine how utterly demoralising this has all been.

However, I am still chiseling away at CD, and hope to kick off Chapter 24 soon(TM). The assets are starting to come together and I'm happy with how the story is panning out in my head. I really want to just dive in and be a story-teller again, but it's important that I do this right and give it the time and attention it deserves.

So watch this space. We'll be back soon.

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