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Filler: Props and gadgetry
Originally posted on:01/01/2007
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Filler: Props and gadgetry

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Have you put your new calenders up yet?
As promised, this week will see a new page of filler each weekday, giving some additional trivia and background info on the world of Crimson Dark and the process of its creation. Today I wanted to focus on some of the props which I've made but which have never really been centre-stage.

Submissions have started rolling in for the 2007 Calendar Contest, which is great, but nearly all of them have been in the written category. Remember one calendar goes to my favourite written piece, and one goes to my favourite fan-art - so start drawing/painting/sketching/smearin/building etc. (Hint: Original art based on CD will automatically beat anything which is just a rehashed version of my own art - if I wanted to see that kind of thing I'd just apply a few photoshop filters. I want to see *your* take on Crimson Dark).

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