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Chapter 02: Page 33
Originally posted on:12/29/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 33

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Too much symbolism...
Here endeth the chapter. Iím taking a week off so I can prepare for Chapter 3, but that doesnít mean that there wonít be anything to see here next week Ė on the contrary Iím going to be putting up a filler page for every weekday between chapters. That means five pages of Crimson Dark trivia for your amusement.

Okay, the deadline for my 2007 Calendar contest has come and goneÖ and I have received a grand total of *one* entry! Donít you want free junk? Iím extending the deadline to Monday the 22nd January, so you now have more than three weeks to get your entries in! Remember, itís either a piece of CD fanart or less than 500 words about your favourite Sci-Fi moment (or one of your favourites). Click here to get involved!

Okay, since this is the final page of Chapter 2 and the final page of 2006, this seems to be a good time to go all reflective on you.

In May 2006 I started working on Crimson Dark for a great many reasons, but one of the biggest ones was as a means of staving off my chronic depression. Unemployed, having recently been fired from a retail job in an art/craft store (Iím just no good at pretending to be happy), I urgently needed a reason to get up in the morning.

Iím delighted to report that, though I doubt Iíll never be rid of this confounded depression, it has been dealt a rather serious blow this year. Reaction to Crimson Dark has really blown me away, and Iíve been both honoured and humbled by how welcoming the webcomic community has been. Big thanks in particular go to everyone at NightGig Ė especially Tim and Jo for interviewing me for the gigcast.

Also, great big thanks to all the readers who have been so zealous in spreading the word about Crimson Dark Ė thanks in particular to my fellow Browncoats who have been doing their bit over at Whedonesque and Thanks also to everyone who has told someone else about CD Ė through blogs, email, word-of-mouth, carrier-pigeon etc. And thanks to everyone who votes for CD, I see a lot of new readers coming in from those webcomic lists (and hopefully one or two of them are actually hanging around). But most importantly, thanks for reading!

2007 is going to be the year that makes or breaks Crimson Dark. These first two chapters have essentially been like a two-part, movie-length pilot of a new TV series. Now that chapter 2 is done, weíve finally met the characters and established the setting, and the time has come to start really having fun. Iíve got some big plans for where Iím going to take the characters in 2007, and with Joss Whedon as my role-model I can assure you that itís not all going to be hugs and puppies.

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