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Chapter 02: Page 31
Originally posted on:12/22/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 31

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It's pronounced "Kirin"
I think I must have rewritten today's page a dozen times. T'was quite a challenge.

Thanks to everyone who has said nice things following my moderately angsty rant on Monday, and thanks to people who have made helpful suggestions too. A good friend, Samuel, wisely pointed out that part of the problem may simply be the time of year - my depression invariably gets worse in December/January - and that does tend to impact on everything I do. But another good friend (my Mum) pointed out that Chapter 2 has primarily consisted of "talking heads", relieved only by a flashback space battle, which is a fair point. Trust me, Chapter 3 is going to be better.

For those of you who don't frequent the forum, I suggest you at least check this out: Reg is building a Kestrel fighter out of cardboard!

There will be a new page on Monday as usual, and it won't be Christmas-themed - there's probably going to be more than enough of that happening as it is :)

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