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Chapter 02: Page 22
Originally posted on:11/20/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 22

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Much to mention
First, the major announcement: I have decided to change Crimson Dark's schedule back to two updates per week, instead of three. My reasons are outlined in the forum, but to sum up: I'm worried about the quality of the comic and I want to start on a second project while continuing to update CD regularly. I think that most people would prefer fewer updates as long as they are regular and of high quality, instead of lackluster efforts and missed deadlines.

The new site design is up and running, what do you think? This design isn't really friendly to people viewing at 800x600 resolution, so if that includes you then I would recommend using the Drunk Duck mirror instead (actually, I would recommend switching to 1024x768 at your earliest convenience).

The 2007 Crimson Dark calendar is now for sale. Buy one for yourself, and another for your friend. If your friend doesn't read Crimson Dark, then buy them a calendar anyway. When they say "What's Crimson Dark?" you can reply "I'm glad you asked..."

Finally, I'm trying out a new advertising option named Project Wonderful. It allows people to bid on advertising space, a bit like bidding on an e-bay auction. The highest bidder gets to advertise in the space. If you look at the ad on the left of the page, you should be able to see a link below it which will let you start bidding straight away - if you're the highest bidder the ad will go online as soon as I approve it. It looks like a new and interesting way of doing things, and I hope it catches on. Plus, since it's just getting started, a lot of sites are currently offering insanely cheap ad boxes so now is the best time to take advantage of it.

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