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Chapter 02: Page 21
Originally posted on:11/17/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 21

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The Calendar, and a possible Schedule change
It's easy to forget that explosions have consequences.

I've finished the calendar, and it is now available for sale at my brand new CafePress store. Each month features a different starship from Crimson Dark (or, in some cases, several starships). I have also put up some posters of my favourite image from the calendar, but I can't put more up without upgrading my store. If you want more poster designs, let me know, and I'll consider making them available.

Meanwhile, I'm contemplating reverting to updating twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) instead of three times a week. There are four main reasons:
1. I'm worried about burning out at some point, I want to make sure that producing CD will remain a fun and fresh experience
2. The thrice-weekly schedule means that I'm starting to take shortcuts, and I'm concerned that it may be impacting on the quality of the comic
3. I'd like to build up a buffer so that next time something hectic happens (eg: moving house), I can continue to update regularly
4. Next year I want to start a new project, a second comic (very different to CD), and I need the extra time to do some feasibility tests and get things rolling.

Of course, there are cons involved:
1. I get impatient with the progress of CD even when I update three times a week, twice a week would possibly send me insane
2. No-one likes waiting four days for the next page

There is a compromise solution, though. I could possibly update every Monday and Friday, and then the occasional Wednesday depending on how things are going. But I'm not sure whether people would prefer a steady reliable schedule over the occasional extra page.

What do you think? Head over to the forum and let me know - your thoughts really do matter.

With the calendar complete, I'm working on the redesign for the site. It should go live this weekend, all things being equal.

EDIT: Okay, I finished the redesign sooner than expected, so here it is. Please report any broken links.
EDIT 2: I'm currently exploring a cheaper printing option for the calendar, so I've taken the old one down for now. More details as they come...
EDIT 3: I'm sticking with CafePress for the Calendar, but I've made some changes and reduced the price a little

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