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Chapter 02: Page 16
Originally posted on:11/06/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 16

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Spaceship go boom now
Sometimes, when I blow things up, it's to highlight an important point or to push the story forward. Other times, I blow things up simply because I *can*. I think today's big boom falls into the latter category.

So what's the difference between a "Dogfight" and a "Furball"? The term "dogfight" refers to two (or more) fighters engaged in close-quarters combat, and likens them to a pair of dogs circling each other trying to catch each other's tail. "Furball" is a term which I generally hear used in the context of WW2, referring to a very large dogfight involve many fighters and bombers. Thus it's possible for two fighters (eg: a Scimitar and a Kestrel) to have a small dogfight in the middle of a much larger furball.

I have successfully moved house, and though there's still much to do, I feel like the worst is behind me.

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