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Chapter 02: Page 12
Originally posted on:10/27/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 12

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Inebriated Waterfowl
The "containment field" which separates Kari from Vaegyr and Daniel isn't like the force fields you see in Star Trek. Rather than an impenetrable wall of force, it is a sophisticated device based on the same technology which provides artificial gravity for most ships and stations. Essentially, the resistance the field generates is proportional to the momentum of the object which is try to pass through it. Anything which is particularly heavy (eg: a human torso) or particularly fast (eg: a fist) is going to meet high resistance from the field, preventing escape or attack. However it is possible to pass relatively small objects (eg: coffee, propaganda) though the field as long as it is done slowly. The big advantage over inflexible force fields is that it allows guards to pass food and drink to a prisoner without having to deactivate the field and expose themselves to attack.

It is conceivably possible to escape by moving your body through the field at an extremely low speed, but this would take over an hour and would be extraordinarily difficult. Especially with cameras watching.

I did the interview for the Gigcast this morning and had a great time. It should be up early next week. Obviously I'll put up a link when it goes online.

Just a reminder that CD is also being posted at Drunk Dunk, where you can leave comments on each page as it appears. However I'm going to keep my rants on this site, and just put up a summary on DD. Choose whichever suits you :)

Oh, CD was also selected this week as a featured comic on Drunk Duck, woohoo!

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