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Chapter 02: Page 07
Originally posted on:10/16/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 07

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Clothed in bubbles
One of the final steps when assembling a page is putting the speech bubbles on, which can be annoying because it often involves covering up artwork which I've put a lot of effort into. Recently I've become better at composing each panel so this is less of an issue. However there are occasions when speech bubbles can be a blessing because... ahem... I'm not always happy with the art, and I actually *want* to cover it up. Today is such an occasion.

I had a nightmare last night, in which my new video card started to die in the same way that my last two did. I think I'm a little paranoid...

People seem to have stopped voting for Cirmson Dark, and we're slipping down the buzzcomic ratings. Don't make me unleash the flying radioactive vorpal pandas on an unsuspecting world!

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