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Chapter 02: Page 06
Originally posted on:10/13/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 06

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Sometimes I get it right
Whereas the last two pages have been quite exhausting, this one was remarkably refreshing. It's nice to not have to draw a Marine. I'm particularly pleased with how Daniel's shirt turned out in the third panel - I'm not normally happy with the clothing after I've drawn it on, but for some reason I seemed to get it right this time.

Many thanks to Tim for saying nice things about Crimson Dark in The Gigcast #59. The Gigcast is well worth checking out if you're interested in webcomics at all (as a creator or a reader). It feels professionally produced, and doesn't fall into the self-indulgent traps which many Podcasts seem to face ("Hey, let's make people listen to three minutes of us giggling and swearing before we say anything worth hearing...").

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