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Chapter 15: Page 10
Originally posted on:12/14/2016
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Chapter 15: Page 10

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Best holiday ever.
Spacer Syndrome affects 1 in 100 children who are raised in artificial gravity (ie: space), and means that they become terribly nauseous in planetary gravity. The exact cause is unknown, and augs/medications designed to reduce gravity-induced nausea seem to have little to no impact. The leading theory is that there might be a psychosomatic factor, but whatever the cause, the most common practice is to raise children planetside until their early teens. Easy enough for the vast majority of couples, who are planet-bound anyway, but Spacers typically have one parent live planetside and care for the child while the other continues to work in space (space work typically earns much more than ground work).

Kari's mother was going to raise her for the first few years, then her parents were going to take turns until she was old enough to join them both in space. However her mother died in an accident just a few days after Kari was born, so Kari grew up in space with her father, who couldn't afford to live/work planetside while raising a child. Unfortunately, Kari turned out to be one of the unlucky 1% who developed Space Syndrome, and therefore can never go planetside unless she wants to lie in bed, throwing up the whole time.

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