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Chapter 15: Title Page
Originally posted on:11/21/2016
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Chapter 15: Title Page

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Back to school
My tradition has been to name space stations after Sci-Fi writers, and Hood Point is no exception. Hall Hood is a writer at BioWare Austin, working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was a nervous wreck for much of my time at BioWare (not their fault), but many of my fellow writers, and Hall especially, went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and welcome. Not only is Hall an incredibly talented and intelligent writer with a great ear for dialogue, he's also a super-cool guy and the best friend anyone could hope for. Better still, I know he reads Crimson Dark, so hi Hall! Thanks for reading!

Chapter 15 is the official start of Volume 2, though the one-shot can be viewed as the unofficial prologue.

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