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Chapter 02: Page 04
Originally posted on:10/09/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 04

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Toughest. Page. Ever.
I must have spent four times longer on this page than usual. I rewrote it several times, decided on a layout, rendered the panels, started post-processing, changed the layout, rendered new panels etc. I redesigned the Marine (the guy in red) three times, and I'm still not happy with him. Ugh. I finished it so late that my proof-reader hasn't been able to look at it, so blame any typos on her (how dare she attend a job interview instead of reading my comic!).

Incidentally, scanning fields aren't actually visible. UTC law requires visible indications of the presence of scanning fields so that citizens can't be scanned without their knowledge.

I'll talk a bit more about Marines in Wednesday's post. For now I'll just say that the coloured speech bubble indicates a modulated voice (like a Dalek or a Goa'uld).

Meanwhile, I've found another webcomic I want to share. It's called Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life, about a couple of robots who go on a road-trip through our solar system. Quite witty, nicely drawn and a clever use of the 'infinite canvas'.

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