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What Dreams May Come: Page 29
Originally posted on:11/07/2016
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What Dreams May Come: Page 29

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Thanks for reading :)

Volume 2 will begin on Monday, 21st November, with Chapter 15*: Time Out. New stories featuring new and old faces (including Kari), as our rag-tag bunch of misfits fight to survive in a galaxy spiraling towards chaos. Until then, Bonus Pages will roll out at the regular times. If you can't wait 2 weeks for a new story, you can buy my Fantasy book and read that instead :)

It might not surprise some readers to know that What Dreams May Come was a very personal story for me. I don't have PTSD, but I've struggled with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. More on that later.

*Chapters 13 & 14 were the Volume 1 Epilogue and the One-shot. Calling the new chapter "Volume 2: Chapter 1" would mess up my internal process.

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