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Chapter 02: Page 03
Originally posted on:10/06/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 03

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New PC for me!
Yay! I decided to really put my new system to the test, and try something I've never done before: All six main characters in a single panel. Cinema 4D *loves* my new Intel duo processor (though it seems to be crashing much more often than it used to...)

Hello to everyone who has found Crimson Dark through Buzzcomix, I hope you like what you see.

Somebody asked me why Kari isn't wearing any shoes. There are two answers:
1. She doesn't like shoes
2. I don't like drawing shoes

To those of you who have emailed me recently, I'm sorry if I haven't replied yet. Thanks to the LAN Party and the death of my old PC, this has been a very hectic week. I will get to you soon.

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