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Chapter 02: Page 02
Originally posted on:10/04/2006
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Chapter 02: Page 02

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You can never have too many Primary Buffer Panels
I have an extremely generous grandmother who has offered to loan me the money I need to rebuild my PC, so that's a huge relief. It's going to take a few days though, so I don't know whether I'll be able to put a new page together for Friday.

Controllers are actually the best paid individuals in both the military and commercial sectors. After years of experimentation with AIs, it was concluded that though computers were experts at performing detailed diagnostics on individual systems, they could never match a human's intuition and creativity when it came to the holistic approach. Controllers interface with every system in a station or ship, constantly searching for, predicting and fixing problems before they even surface. They typically spend two weeks solid plugged into their mainframe, and then have a few days off before returning to duty.

It's the hardest job in the galaxy, requiring more training and skill than a surgeon, but the perks are extraordinary: Free augmentations for life, a very high salary and early retirement with a sizable pension.

Adverse psychological conditions have been associated with being a Controller, particularly loss of identity due to the merging of personal and technical memories. Many precautions are now taken to reduce the risk, one of which is the habit of always referring to the person as "Control" when they're on duty, and by their real name when off duty (so Nick was being tactless when he said "Bob" in the Prologue").

Yikes, and away:

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