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Bonus Page: Building Farhaven
Originally posted on:05/14/2012
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Bonus Page: Building Farhaven

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Well overdue, but better late than never, right? Right?


This is the first of five bonus pages to go online this week, there'll be a new one each day (Monday to Friday). The others aren't quite as epic as today's though :)

The big news is that the Supporter's Club is now offline and all Supporter's Club content is now free for everyone! If you were never a Supporter, or if you were and want to revisit old content, you can find Short Stories in the Extras section and new Wallpapers in the Media section.

Short stories include "Armistice Day", which covers (albeit tangentially) how the war began.

Also, here's a preview of some of the wallpapers you can download now:

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