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Epilogue: Page 08
Originally posted on:11/14/2011
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Epilogue: Page 08

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And so ends the first volume of Crimson Dark.

When I started this webcomic, over five years ago, I was unemployed, depressed and at a dead end. I began work on Crimson Dark because I had an overwhelming desire to tell a story, and nothing better to do with my time.

Over those five years I have gone from unemployed to working in my dream job at one of the most prestigious and respected game studios in the world. I grew from a rank amateur to someone who can proudly describe himself as a professional writer and story-teller. I went from feeling worthless to believing that I can actually make people's lives just a tiny bit better by telling them a story. In short, my life has seen a turn-around of Hollywood proportions.

And I owe it all to you, dear readers. A story-teller without an audience is like a pilot without a space-craft: listless. You've kept me going through the rough times (and there were many of those) and I wouldn't be at Bioware now if it wasn't for your support.

Thank you.

I'd also like to thank my Mum (Sue). She's been my proof-reader throughout this process (if you think this comic has lots of typos/spelling errors when it goes online, you should see what it looks like *before* she gets to it), but she has also been my sounding board and moral support. Thanks Mum.

Of course, I can't just let Crimson Dark end like this. There will be bonus pages soon (I'm still waiting on my PC to arrive here in the States) and I plan on writing a novella to continue the story of the Niobids, currently with the working title "Powderkeg". To that end, I have set up a mailing list for anyone who wants to be informed of future updates. This list can only be posted to by myself, and I will only post when I have something substantial to say.

Oh, for those who are curious, the total number of pageviews for Crimson Dark, as of today, is 15,909,630.

Keep flying,

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