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Chapter 02: Title Page
Originally posted on:09/29/2006
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Chapter 02: Title Page

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The announcement
I've been working on this page for *months*. Yes, that's the aforementioned Espenson Station, and yes, it's named after Jane Espenson. She's been a tremendous influence on my writing, firstly as a result of watching Buffy, Angel and Firefly (which she helped to write, and have each inspired Crimson Dark to a certain extent), but now thanks to her wonderful blog through which she gives tips and advice to upcoming writers. Though skewed towards writing for television, her thoughts are widely applicable and of great use to anyone who is even remotely interested in the art of storytelling. In fact, if you just enjoy stringing words together into sentences, then I guarantee that you'll find Jane's blog helpful.

Now for the announcement which I promised on Wednesday: Soon you will be able to buy Crimson Dark in printed form! A few readers have emailed me suggesting that I turn CD into a book, and I've chosen to acquiesce. I haven't decided on the price or publication date yet, but it should be quite affordable. My hope is that, aside from relieving eyestrain from reading computer screens in darkly lit rooms, I might be able to start making some money off Crimson Dark so I can cover the expenses involved (at the moment I make nothing from CD at all, at this rate those Google Ads aren't going to start paying off until 2009). I'll make a promise right now, however, that I will *never* charge you to read CD online. This webcomic will always be 100% free to the reader.

Before I publish the book, however, I want to go back and improve the artwork - and that's the second part of the announcement. Over the next few months I will update every page in the Prologue, and the first few pages of Chapter 1, to reflect my new art style. I'm not pulling a George Lucas though, I'll be leaving the original versions online as well and you will always be able to view them by clicking the link in the commentary for each page. The first three pages of the Prologue (including the Title Page) have already been done, so check them out. I don't know how long it will take to finish this task, as I'm not going to let it intefere with my work on Chapter 2.

LAN Party this weekend, woohoo!

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