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Filler: Niobe in Progress
Originally posted on:09/27/2006
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Filler: Niobe in Progress

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Fifty pages and counting!
Here’s the filler, as promised. Chapter 2 will begin on Friday with a title-page, and an announcement. I promise that I will only ever post filler pages *between* chapters, never during one.

Meanwhile the new site is up and running, including the return of the old forums. If you spot any broken links, please let me know (I really suck at web design), and any feedback you have on the design/layout would be warmly welcomed.

I realised as I was working on today’s filler that Crimson Dark is now fifty pages old. This seems like a perfect time to reflect on the past few months.

I started Crimson Dark for a number of reasons, the main one being a burning need to tell a story. But another big factor has been my ongoing struggle with chronic depression. I was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with being unemployed, and I desperately needed something productive to do – a practical reason for getting up in the morning. Now I feel like I have a purpose, and it’s largely thanks to you.

I’m amazed by the way that people have been spreading the word about Crimson Dark. Some have been mentioning it in their blogs, others have been posting about it on forums, many having been voting. This, combined with the emails which people send me, is incredibly encouraging – it gives me the motivation I need to produce the next page. So thankyou all!

Anyone living in the region of Penrith (Western Sydney) who feels like dropping in on our LAN Party this weekend should send me an email. It's a fairly laid-back affair, just a few of us (mostly friends form church) playing games and having BBQs.

Please vote for Crimson Dark, or suffer the consequences (do you really think you can endure three hours of me going "pleasepleasepleaseplease..."?):

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