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Chapter 01: Page 28
Originally posted on:09/22/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 28

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Make it so
I often worry that I might become lazy with the art for CD and turn it into a series of talking-heads. Sometimes I set myself artistic challenges to force myself to keep things visually interesting - today's challenge was "more dark than light".

The blurred starfield - a result of the ship's jump-field - moves much slower than you might imagine. There aren't points of light flying past like in Star Wars or Star Trek. Even when travelling at many times the speed of light, most stars are still going to appear to stay still - they're *very* far away. The result is a slowly shifting pattern of light, like watching clouds drifting overhead. It's a beautiful sight.

Now, here's the plan: Monday's update will be the final page of Chapter 1 (huzzah!). On Wednesday I'll post some filler for your bemusement, and then on Friday I'll begin Chapter 2 with the title page. Sometime between Monday and Friday the new site design will go live (God willing...).

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