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Chapter 12: Page 28
Originally posted on:07/11/2011
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Chapter 12: Page 28

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Stay on target... stay on target...
I confess, I've become a little obsessed with Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is a little frustrating when: 1) It hasn't been released yet and 2) no release date has been set. Promising to be bigger than all of Bioware's previous games put together, and the first MMORPG to make story and character key gameplay elements, I'm starting to empathise with one of GLaDOS' test subjects. Stop teasing me, counfound you, and give me my damn cake!*

*I apologise to non-gamers, for whom this might as well have been written in ancient Sumerian.**
** I also apologise to all of my readers for having the gall to assume that none of you can read ancient Sumerian. You're a freakishly smart crowd and I shouldn't underestimate you.

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