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Chapter 01: Page 27
Originally posted on:09/20/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 27

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Brain broken, can't think of witty news title
Today's page is essentially a gag strip. The idea came to me months ago when I was working on Page 2 (where Kari wakes up), but I quickly decided that it just wasn't the kind of thing that she would do. Hal on the other hand... hehehe.

Part of the joy of becoming involved in the webcomics community is that I end up discovering so many incredibly cool webcomics made by other people. There are some extraordinarily talented people out there. Recently I stumbled across a couple of gems:

Voyage Moyen by Michelle Mauk - it's still quite young so it's hard to pass judgement on characters or plot, but the art is superb and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Planet Karen by Karen Ellis - A fairly simple, straightforward blog in comic format. Sometimes funny, other times poignant, always worth it.

Every time you vote, a kitten is born. Or run over by a bus. It depends on how you feel about kittens:

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