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Bonus Page: The Scar's Anteroom
Originally posted on:03/23/2011
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Bonus Page: The Scar's Anteroom

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What's an antic room?
Remember, you can read Katie Ryan's webcomic here, and check out her (very impressive) portfolio here.

Every now and again, the number of visitors to this site spikes dramatically. This makes me happy because it normally means that somebody has linked to CD, other people have clicked the link and some of them might stay. A webcomic without readers is like a play without an audience - a whole lot of effort for nothing - so new readers make me happy.

However my limtied resources/net-saviness mean that I can't always tell who has linked to CD, and this irritates me because I'm an insatiably curious creature. So if you do link to CD, please make sure to let me know, otherwise I might have to start hiring a Private Investigator.

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