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Chapter 01: Page 24
Originally posted on:09/13/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 24

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The dichotomy of purpose
As both writer and artist, I tend to be torn between two desires:

1. Tell a story
2. Make pretty pictures

Much of the joy of working on Crimson Dark is that it allows me to do both at once, but marrying the two disciplines is not always that easy. Part of me wants to advance the story and keep the pace up, another part of me just wants to step back and go "ooh, isn't it pretty?". Today the artist won over the writer, so the primary function of today's page is simply to look pretty, I hope it succeeds at that.

It's always difficult trying to judge whether things are moving too slowly or too quickly. I'm conscious of the fact that you, my dear readers, have to wait two or three days for each page - and it must be frustrating when *nothing happens*. But there's also the risk of moving so quickly that we miss precious moments - dialogue which helps to flesh out the characters, insights into the socio-political backdrop of the story... and, of course, pretty pictures.

One thing that makes is so hard for me to judge the pace is the fact that I've planned much of the story out months in advance. I'm currently working on pages which I first envisioned roughly three months ago, and I'm not a particularly patient person.

However, there are advantages to forcing myself to take things slowly - most notably it allows me to get a good, strong idea of what the story is all about so there can be a continuity of purpose and tone. Though the art has changed dramatically over the past forty-or-so pages, I'd like to think that there has been a consistency in the writing which would not have been there had I been simply making things up as I went.

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