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Chapter 01: Page 23
Originally posted on:09/11/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 23

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Soothes the soul and feeds the muse
On weekdays I will typically listen to 702 ABC Sydney while I work on Crimson Dark, but on weekends it all comes down to iTunes. I try to pick my playlists to help set the mood of the page which I'm working on, which is rather easy since the majority of my collection consists of soundtracks from Film, TV and Theatre.

For example: For page 23, I listened to my "Battles" play-list. This consists of tracks such as "The Battle of Hoth" (Empire Strikes Back), "Tie Fighter Attack" (A New Hope), Severed Dreams (Babylon 5), "You Have the Power" (Dark City) and "The Bridge of Khazad'Dum" (Fellowship of the Ring).

I made a few mistakes in the Art for this page, but I'm hoping that you're all kind enough to forgive (or, even better, that you just won't notice!).

Please vote, or you'll make Whisper angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry:

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