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Chapter 11: Page 43
Originally posted on:02/04/2011
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Chapter 11: Page 43

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Famous last words?
Sydney is in the middle of a record heatwave at the moment, with five consecutive days so far where the temperature exceeded 30 degress C in the city. It's substantially hotter out West where I live, ranging from 37 to 42. The hot days are bad enough, but the hot nights are the worst part. Last night it was 28 degrees when I woke to leave for work at 6am. The forecast is for a cool change to come through next week, but in the meantime the city is slowly filling with zombies as more and more Sydney-siders endure hot, sweaty, sleepless nights.

Mind you, our homes have not been flooded by heavy rains, nor smashed by cyclonic winds, nor gutted by raging bushfires, so all things considered we really have nothing to complain about. That's not going to stop us complaining though.

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