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Chapter 11: Page 40
Originally posted on:01/24/2011
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Chapter 11: Page 40

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I think I need a Whisper in my life.
I'm going to be full-time at work for the next 6-7 weeks, so I may be less communicative than usual. This is looking to be a crazy-making project or, as my boss put it, "both exhilerating and excrutiating". The good news is that, at a rate of roughly 1.4 pages per day, I have managed to build up a buffer large enough to cover this entire period, so I can guarantee that CD's update schedule will not be interrupted during this time.

It's likely, however, that the Supporter's Club will continue to update sporadically. The purpsoe for the Club has always been to help with the production of Crimson Dark, and it has been a great success in that regard. Though the income is not enough to live on, it has allowed me to settle in a job which is flexible enough to give me the time I need to focus on Crimson Dark. Without the Club, I would need to find permanent full-time work, which would undoubtably hurt updates. The provision of short stories and wallpapers has always been a bonus rather than the purpose of the Club, so I hope club members will be patient with me and will agree that keeping the main story moving forward is more important than expanding the universe.

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