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Chapter 11: Page 33
Originally posted on:12/31/2010
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Chapter 11: Page 33

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Would it help if I got out and pushed?
Everyone's doing it, so it's time for my list of Favourite* Things of 2010.

* not necessarily the best things. This is a highly subjective list.

Favourite Game - Mass Effect 2

Bioware took everything that was good about ME1 and perfected it and ditched everything I didn't like. The result is arguably the best example of interactive story-telling made to date with great dialogue, memorable characters, fun gameplay and gorgeous visuals. Plus it has aliens performing Gilbert & Sullivan and Hamlet.

Honourable Mentions
Call of Duty: Black Ops, Civilization V, Fallout: New Vegas, Starcraft 2

Favourite Movie - TRON: Legacy

I've been waiting 28 years for this movie, and the fact that it did not dissapoint is mind-boggling. A visually stunning action-flick with a character-driven story and a killer soundtrack

Honourable mentions
Toy Story 3, Inception

Favourte TV Show - Sherlock

When my friend Sophie first tweeted about a new version of Sherlock Holmes set in the 21st Century, my initial reaction was "It'll only work if it's written by Stephen Moffat". Guess what? It is, and it works! The TV writer who saved Doctor Who from the abuses of Russel T. Davies has given us a sleek, entertaining and surprisingly faithful adaptation of one fo the greatest fictional characters of all time.

Honourable Mentions:
Doctor Who, The Pacific

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