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Chapter 11: Page 30
Originally posted on:12/20/2010
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Chapter 11: Page 30

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Greetings Programs.
I've seen a lot of mixed reviews of Tron: Legacy over the past few days, so I've decided to throw my own thoughts into the ring.

I grew up with the original TRON. Sure, the story was weak at best and the character development was virtually non-existent, but as a fantasy tale set in a stunning and unique world, it blew my mind away. It was only recently that I became aware of how influential the movie has been on my own work - compare Sark's Carrier and the Solar Sailer to the capital ships in Crimson Dark.

So I came to TRON: Legacy with many expectations and was surprised that, for the most part, they were met.

TRON: Legacy isn't a ground-breaking film in the way the first one was. It is more a showcase of current technology than a glimpse of what's to come. Many have praised the film for its "Special Effects", but since Jurassic Park the bar for effects in filmmaking have continually risen to the point where anything is possible as long as someone can imagine it. That is what impresses about TRON: Legacy - not the quality of the effects, but the imagination behind them. Like Avatar, the film draws you into a alien world of beauty and wonder.

In updating the look and feel of the game grid, the film also updates the iconic elements of the original: Light Cycles, Recognisers, Disc Battles etc. As with the first film, these elements mainly exist because they are cool, rather than having any real impact on the story. But they are entertaining, gorgeous and like nothing you have ever seen before. These are the light cycle battles which the first film only hinted at, and this summarises Legacy's overall success - it is the long-overdue realisation of all of the potential of the original film.

That's not to say that Legacy is a perfect film. Some of the sound design lacks the almost melodic quality of the original and the new game world seems a little too solid and mechanical - as if it was made of steel and plastic unlike the environments of the original film which seemed sculpted from light.

But it is a very entertaining and satisfying film with a simple but engaging story and some actual character development thrown in as well. I hope to see more entries in the TRON series in the future.

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