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Chapter 01: Page 21
Originally posted on:09/06/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 21

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She has a cunning plan...
It was time for a Blackadder reference, I could resist no longer.

In the original script, I had this complicated scenario where Kari recognised that the bomber was not a Taipan as Vaegyr believes, but a Cobra, which relies on intertia bombs rather than guided missiles. There was going to be a long explanation of how the Cobra used it's similarity to the Taipan to fool targets into expecting a missile attack, disguising the incoming bombs which have virtually no heat signature. It was all very clever and well-thought out, but it was also way too talky - and more than a lttile self-indulgant on my part. The final page is much simpler than the original concept, which is often the way that things go.

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