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Chapter 01: Page 20
Originally posted on:09/04/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 20

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Define "interesting"
It feels good to be doing some external scenes again, I get a little claustrophobic when the story stays inside for too long.

The Gerushda class destroyer and the Kestrel class fighters have been upgraded since we last saw them in the Prologue. Both are more detailed with new textures (the Kestrel in particular is far more detailed than it used to be), plus I'm being more creative when it comes to composition and lighting. I really like this page.

Also there's the all-new Cobra Strike-bomber, at the centre of the formation. We'll learn more about it on page 21.

I've been delighted to see so many people voting for Crimson Dark at TopWebComics. Currently we're 51 out of over 4000 comics, and number 4 in the Sci-Fi genre. You've already surpassed my dreams, thankyou! Let's keep it up though, we can make this our month:

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